About me

- Family man
- Impact investor
- Photographer
- Finance Officer

About me

- Family man
- Impact investor
- Photographer
- Finance Officer


Let us all pass on the earth better than we received it.


The story of

Sander Goldbach

As the son of an virologist and ornithologist, science and nature are part of my DNA. Seeing the many natural wonders on this planet has only given me more respect for the planet on which we live. Despite the countless planets in the universe, we have to be very careful with ours, if we want our offspring to have a good life as well.

Until recently I was a financial officer at various companies, but I have always noticed that I want to do more for humanity. More than a year ago I made a switch, taking responsibility for managing the family capital within my family.

A capital that goes back to Amsterdam around 1850. Where two of my ancestors took over an existing steam flour factory and bread factory and made it a success for decades. The growth of industrial-scale production was accompanied by thriving land and real estate ownership. Part of this capital was also invested in companies within the fossil fuel sector. How wonderful it is that this money is now being used by companies that have the best interests of Mother Earth.






  • 1980

    My first glance on the planet.

  • 1999

    Graduated from my Pre-university education.

  • 2003

    Graduated from my Bachelor 'Management, economics and law'.

  • 2007

    Start working for Volkswagen Pon Financial Services as a Assistent Controller.

  • 2011

    Graduated from my postgraduate course 'Qualified Controller'.

  • 2012

    As of this year, I switched to the Rabobank to use my skills there for better financial management as a Financial Controller.

  • 2016

    As the years passed by I realized what I missed in my job at the Rabobank and continued my career as a Controller at a family company called DARE.(nowadays KIWA DARE).

  • 2020

    From this year I decided to take more responsibility in managing the family capital by investing in impact driven organisations that contribute to a better world for future generations.

  • Today

    Focusing on building a climate tech company to help people towards a more sustainable life to ensure a livable planet for our posterity. More about this will be announced soon.